For those of you who are not familiar with Tim, or his work, here are a few highlights of his career: Tim made his first knife in 1979, while still in high school. In 1982, he made his first Damascus steel. In 1983, knife making became his full time profession. Since then, he has risen among the ranks of custom knife makers, whose work is among the most desired. He has also won several awards at knife shows, and juried exhibitions.



Not only does Tim make great razors and knives, he teaches others in order to preserve the craft. He has lectured and demonstrated at several seminars over the years. He has been the director of the Ashokan Knifemaking Seminar for most of the last two decades. Tim has also been a regular contributor for both the Blade Magazine, and Knives Illustrated. His other writings include a chapter in Blade's Guide to Making Knives 2nd Edition and articles in Knives 2012, 2014, and 2016.



In the modern era, Tim was the first craftsman to make razors, full time, in the US. He was also the first razor maker to use Damascus steel, of his own manufacture, in his razors. Since then, he has continued to innovate by making his “Tim-ahagane” from iron ore he collects himself. As far as we know, Tim is the only person in the world currently crafting razors from steel made entirely by himself.


While there are many makers beginning to dabble with razors. The list is very short of those who make a real, high quality razor. Tim's razors are not only excellent shavers, they are also precision works of art.