Horizontal Electric Kilns

KF-13.5 model shown. Deeper models available, see below.



The KF Knife Ovens allow you to explore the process of heat treating. These ovens give the craftsman the freedom to decide how the blades are treated, the freedom to learn by hands-on, and the freedom to try new techniques. We think you will enjoy using an Evenheat Oven for your heat treating needs. We offer a range of chamber depths starting at 13.5" to 49.5".


All Evenheat Knife Ovens are available with three control options: Set-Pro, Rampmaster III or TAP. There are a couple relay options as well. Please contact me with your requirements. I will be happy to work with you, to be sure you get what you need.

Shipping will be quoted on an individual basis. I will need your City, State and Zip Code for a shipping quote.


Features, Specifications and Other Fun Stuff

Control Options:


Our Knife Ovens are equipped with the Set-Pro Temperature Control. This easy to use control allows you to control up to 8 separate temperature points per firing. With features like 3 button operation, "Full Power" settings and a Skip function the Set-Pro is well qualified to handle your heat treating needs. Click on this Set-Pro button below for complete details.


The Rampmaster III and TAP controllers are also available.


Firing Chamber Dimensions and Options:


All KF Knife Oven models measure 10" width x 6.5" height.

We do build the models in various depths. The 13.5", 18" and 22.5" depths are standard models. Our model numbers describe the depth. Model KF 13.5 is 13.5" deep, Model KF 18 is 18" deep and Model KF 22.5 is 22.5" deep.

For those of you who need extreme depths we do offer to build in 27", 31.5", 36", 40.5", 45" and 49.5" depths.


Voltage and Phase Configurations:


We offer all KF models in the 240V, single phase configuration.


Standard Models:


  • KF 13.5, 240V, 13A, 3210W, NEMA 6-20P plug

  • KF 18, 240V, 13A, 3120W, NEMA 6-20P plug

  • KF 22.5, 240V, 15A, 3600W, NEMA 6-20P plug


Extra Depth Models:


  • KF 27, 240V, 15A, 3600W, NEMA 6-20P plug

  • KF 31.5, 240V, 30A, 3600W, NEMA 6-50P plug

  • KF 36, 240V, 30A, 3600W, NEMA 6-50P plug

  • KF 40.5, 240V, 30A, 3600W, NEMA 6-50P plug

  • KF 45, 240V, 30A, 3600W, NEMA 6-50P plug

  • KF 49.5, 240V, 30A, 3600W, NEMA 6-50P plug


Maximum Programmable Temperature: 2200°F (1204°C)


Shipping Weight:


Standard Models:

KF 13.5, 70lb.KF 18, 100lb.KF 22.5, 100lb.


Extra Depth Models:

KF 27, 120lb.

KF 31.5, 150lb.

KF 36, 160lb.

KF 40.5, 175lb.

KF 45, 185lb.

KF 49.5, 200lb.


Agency Listings and Markings:

U/L listed and CU/L listed. CU/L is a Canadian Listing which is accepted by authorities in all Provinces.



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