KF-13.5 model shown. Deeper models available, see below.

The Refractory Shell

KF-13.5 model shown. Deeper models available, see below.

The Completed Kit 
This is the origional prototype. The water cooled burner tip is no longer needed.

 Zowada gas forges are designed to be a superior alternative to fossil fuel forges and other gas forges in the same price range. Clean, even heat and an easily controlled atmosphere are distinct advantages of this system. Although originally designed for welding damascus and forging knife blades, this system works quite well for most general forge work. A Zowada gas forge system is simply the best, reasonably priced gas forge on the market.


Other forges on the market have various problems that make them unacceptable for production billet welding or any other forging where precise control is essential. A square or rectangle fire chamber is very difficult to heat evenly, creating hot and cold spots. It may be impossible to obtain welding temperatures no matter how much gas is used. The venturi type burner systems are unable to provide the accurate atmosphere control needed for welding. Many of these forges are expensive to use due to poor insulation and the low quality of refractory used in the lining. All gas forges will get hot enough for general forging. But if the ability to heat evenly and weld consistently with reasonable operating costs is important, there are few options.


Zowada gas forges solve the problems associated with gas forge use and allow the craftsman to concentrate on his work instead of the fire. The cylindrical chamber shape heats evenly along its entire length at any temperature. The burner is a forced air system with control on both the air and gas intake. Any combination of atmosphere and temperature is possible and easy to control. The 12" inside length is not a problem. Eleven inch welds can be made in one heat and long pieces can be passed through the rear door.


Zowada gas forges were designed for production damascus work by a production damascus maker. Consistently welding 2" x 4" x 7" billets is easily done and larger billets are often handled by this system. Gas usage at welding temperature is about three pounds per hour. What it comes down to is that this forge works!


Essentially what I sell is a forge kit. In the attempt to provide an economical and efficient forge, I don't do any work the buyer can do as well, or better, himself. The acquisition of the blower is left to the customer. As are the fabrication of the shell enclosure and mounting tables. Leaving some of the simple, yet time consuming tasks for the customer helps keep the price down without sacrificing quality. If you need further information please don't hesitate to call or write.


PRICES: Complete Kit: $695.00. Shell and insulation only: $475.00

Includes shipping in the continental United States.