Razor Honing Service

Since most of my razors are now made from my Timahagane steel, honing with Japanese Natural Stones (Jnats) seemed like a logical next step. Over the past few years I have had the pleasure of learning about sharpening razors with Jnats, from two of the foremost experts in the trade. These stones can be truly amazing. The concepts and results are very different from using a synthetic stone progression.


One interesting aspect is how each stone and tomo (slurry stone) combination is unique. You can’t just go out and buy a Jnat expecting to get great results. It takes time and experimentation to get the most out of each stone. I suppose that is part of what makes them fascinating. There is no “cookie cutter” formula when using Jnats for honing razors. Minor variations in the stones and tomos will make one stone/tomo combination more suitable for a particular steel and hardness. While a different combination may work, the results will not be the same.


All of this recent learning and discovery has brought the joy back in honing razors. Except for research, most of my honing has been to get the job done, and out the door to the customer. It has been just part of the job. Now, honing is interesting, relaxing, even therapeutic. Honing is a wonderful way to add variety during a day in the shop.


To be clear, I’m not suggesting Jnats are better than other ways of honing a razor. They are just different. The results are different. Instead of a very brightly polished bevel, the Jnats leave what is known as a kasumi finish. The appearance is slightly cloudy, or hazy. Under the microscope, it does not look as smooth or regular as the results from other stones. But, with the right stone/tomo combination, the shave can be incredible. I have had my very best shaves ever from razors honed on Jnats.


With the above in mind, I have decided to offer a straight razor honing service. There are a few things pulling me in this direction: First, it is a wonderful way to break up the day with something relaxing and enjoyable. I get to do something interesting and stress free, while still producing income for my family. Second, It will give me the opportunity to hone many different types and brands of razors, increasing my knowledge and understanding of Jnats. Third, it gives my customers the chance to experience a Jnat edge, and compare the Jnats to other methods.


This honing service is only for razors in good repair. There will be no restoration or chip repair.


Here is what I am offering:


1. Complete Jnat Progression

Reset Bevel then:

Midrange - Nakayama Suita Karasu Sunasi Asagi

Finish - Nakayama Kiita Naishi or, Nakayama Asagi Karasu or, Nakayama Asagi - Which one depends on the steel type and hardness

Stropping - Kanayama Canvas and Cordovan


2. Synthetic Progression – Escher Finish

Reset Bevel then:

Midrange - Norton 4000 Waterstone

Midrange II – Norton 8000 Waterstone

Initial Finish - Naniwa 12,000 Pro Stone

Final Finish – Blue/green Escher

Stropping – Canvas and Horsehide (Kanayama Cordovan on request)


My plan is to hone no more than two to three razors per day. Otherwise, my newfound joy in honing might become a drudgery. That wouldn’t be good for me, or my customers. If my backlog exceeds three weeks, I will stop receiving razors, until I get caught up.




Complete Jnat Service - $50.00

Syntetic Progression – Escher finish - $30.00

Return Postage - $9.75 Priority mail – Add $1.50 for each $100.00 insurance over $50.00



Cash, Check, PayPal – Whatever works best for you.


Send your razor to:


Tim Zowada

4509 E. Bear River Rd.

Boyne Fall, MI 49713


Probably the best shave I've ever had with a straight. Your JNat stones are capable of miracles. - Dr. Christopher Moss