5/8's Damascus Steel Razor. This razor has a thin quarter hollow ground blade, with a beveled spine and square point. 

The scales are brown horn, with an ivory spacer.

This is a "spare time" razor. I worked on it while waiting for other things to happen, such as glue setting, or steel annealing. These projects are a lot of fun. I get to do whatever I want. This blade is my rendition of my favorite factory razor, a Clauss 5/8's.

The geometry of the blade on this razor is very interesting. From the edge, to where the Damascus patterning starts, it is ground as thin as any full hollow ground razor. Yet I used a five inch wheel for the final hollow grind. Technically, that makes it between 1/4 and 1/2 hollow ground. The beveled spine gives the blade slightly more width than the usual 5/8's blade.

The result is a very unique blade. The thin edge has the flexability of a finely ground full hollow. The extra thickness of the 1/2 hollow gives the blade more controllability and heft.

The black/dark brown scales have a beautiful and subtle grain that is difficult to capture in the photos.

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5/8's Damascus Steel Razor