Razors of Distinction - Made to be Used

It's the things you can't see that matter most.

Since a razor is first and foremost a tool, strength and edge holding are paramount to its utility. The factors most influencing these traits are the steel selection and the quality of the heat treating. Both are things that you can't see and have to take the makers word for. I use only factory new steels in making my  Damascus. No used or "mystery" steels are employed. Currently, I make my Damascus from O1 and L6 tool steels. My Tim-ahagane is made from Michigan Iron ore, gathered on the shore of Lake Superior.


I perform all my own heat treating. Nothing is left to chance with outside venders. By using modern salt bath and cryogenic techniques I am able to get the highest performance possible out of my razors.

Wedding Razor
2H2H First Batch

These razors are designed to be the finest on the market. I have spent a great deal of time studying both antique and current production razors. Precision heat treating methods are employed to provide the sharpest, most enduring edges available.