Salt Bath Kilns

KF-13.5 model shown. Deeper models available, see below.



The KF 11 Series Knife Ovens allow you to explore the process of heat treating.  These kilns are specifically designed for the use of salt pots. The option of high temperature salt, low temperature salt or just used as an open air kiln give the craftsman the freedom to decide how the blades are treated. These kilns are suitable for austenizing, annealing, marquenching, ausquenching and tempering of most knife steels. We think you will enjoy using an Evenheat Oven for your heat treating needs. This kiln is stackable in 9" sections. You can have 9", 18", 27", 36", 45", or 54" of depth.

KF 1136

Features, Specifications and Other Fun Stuff


Control Options:


Our vertical kilns require a wall mount control unit. These are available from Evenheat, using the Set-Pro, Rampmaster III or TAP controller. Or, I can help you design your own.



Firing Chamber Dimensions and Options:


All KF 11 series salt pot models measure 11" diameter

We do build the models in various heights. The 1118 and 1136 depths are standard models. Our model numbers describe the height.

Model KF 1118 is 18" tall, Model KF 1136 is 36" tall.

For those of you who need extreme depths we can build spacer rings on special order.


Voltage and Phase Configurations:


We offer all KF models in the 240V, single phase configuration.


Standard Models:


  • KF 1118

  • KF 1136


Maximum Programmable Temperature: 2200°F (1204°C)


Shipping Weight:



  • KF 1118, 90lb

  • KF 1136, 170lb.



Agency Listings and Markings:

U/L listed and CU/L listed. CU/L is a Canadian Listing which is accepted by authorities in all Provinces.




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