Set-Pro Automatic Temperature Controller

KF-13.5 model shown. Deeper models available, see below.

Welcome to the Set-Pro, our easy to use 3 button temperature control.

Set up to 8 segments per firing. Each segment controls rate of temperature increase or decrease, temperature (setpoint) and temperature hold time.

"On-the-Fly" features allow you to add time, temperature or skip ahead.

The Set-Pro contains no pre-set, performance limiting programs. You're not locked into a firing program that doesn't fit your needs. For the glass artist this means you can fire glass from all manufacturers with confidence and ease.

The Set-Pro is standard equipment on the Hot Shot and all Knife Ovens. It's also available as an option on all RampMaster II, most GT and GTS kilns as well as the Copper.

Performance Details:




The Set-Pro allows you to control the rate of temperature change, final temperature and any desired temperature hold time up to 8 times per use or firing. That's 8 segments of control that's simple to program and use. It should be noted that it's not necessary to use all 8 segments when firing. If you need only 1 segment, you're free to program only 1 segment. Want to use only 2? It's possible. The point is that the Set-Pro, with it's three buttons, is uncomplicated and easy.


The Set-Pro also allows you to store up to 4 separate firing programs. This means you can keep your favorite programs in place and use them when needed. No need to re-program, just pick your firing and go.


"On-the-Fly" Time and Temperature Adjustments


During a firing it is often necessary to extend a soak/hold period or add more temperature to get the perfect result. With the Set-Pro you can add more time to a soak in 5 minute increments or add more temperature in 5° increments. All while firing. There's no need to shut down and re-program. This is a very cool feature that adds extra flexibility right when you need it.


"On-the-Fly" Skip Ahead


For those times when "enough is enough" the Set-Pro allows you to skip or move ahead to the next firing segment. Very useful when your satisfied with the current results and need skip ahead. Great for getting to the anneal quickly!!


"On-the-Fly" View Segment Feature


It's always nice to what the controller is doing during a firing. Our View Segment feature tells you which segment you're currently firing and whether your ramping or soaking. Excellent, need to know info with the press of a key.




The Set-Pro includes a Review key that allows you to double check your program before actually firing.



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