What is different about Zowada Razors?

1. All Damascus is made "in house" by Tim Zowada.


A. Tim has over 30 years experience making Damascus steel.


B. All the Damascus steel is made from new material, purchased from Carpenter or Crucible Steel.


C. Our Damascus is a combination of two tool steels, O1 and L6, to provide a uniformly hard, wear resistant edge.


D. All Damascus is normalized after forging and spherodize annealed.

2. All blades are surface ground before, and after, heat treating.


A. Assures that all blades will be straight within 0.001".


B. Spine thickness is ground to a tolerance of minus 0.000", plus 0.002", to keep the edge angle at a constant 16 degrees.


C. Every blade is inspected for straightness.

3. All blades are heat treated in a molten salt bath.


A. Assures temperature control to within 5 degrees F.


B. Prevents decarberization.


4. All blades are martempered.


A. Increases both tensile, and impact strength of the steel.


B. Decreases warpage during quenching.


5. All blades are frozen in liquid Nitrogen to improve dimensional stability.


6. All blades are triple tempered for a final hardness of 62 - 63 HRC.


A. Every blade is inspected for proper hardness.


7. Razors are supplied "shave ready".


8. At this time, Tim Zowada is doing all the work on his Damascus razors. Tim is doing all the finish work on the "Carbon" series of knives and razors.